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Get the Highest Value for Your Life Insurance Policy

We help clients sell unwanted life insurance policies for significantly more money than their actual cash value. Our goal is to assist in obtaining the highest dollar amount possible from the sale of these policies.

Northeastern Capital specializes in the purchase of whole life, universal life, variable life, and convertible term policies. This transaction is known as a Viatical or Life Settlement. The policy can be owned by an individual, trust, corporation or charitable organization.

This vehicle is well suited for individuals, age 65 and over, who are evaluating financial and/or estate planning changes. Life Settlements provide financial options to eliminate continuing premium payments and to free up cash for reinvestment or other needs such as long-term care. It provides seniors the opportunity to optimize their financial future and improve their quality of life.

Businesses can also benefit from our settlement services when dealing with the sale or closure of a company and corporate owned policies.

There is No Cost or Obligation to Explore Your Options

Our team of dedicated professionals will walk you through every step of the viatical process to ensure that you understand the process and are comfortable with it. There is no cost or obligation on your part to explore your options. Contact us today with any questions you might have, or submit our free quote form to receive a complete and confidential evaluation of your Life Insurance policy.




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